Cunha International was founded in 1987 by Jorge Estevez, current manager of the company at our headquarters in Vigo, Spain. Back then, we had very few resources, but thanks to our efforts, to the hard work and endless hours negotiating with shipping companies, airlines, trucking and international agents, the company has grown to the current level.

Cunha International is a Spanish company which leads its sector and counts on collaboration with the most efficient correspondent companies worldwide which have been carefully chosen to carry out the necessary services of international shipping, packing/crating, custom clearance/documentation, insurance, and any other services needed by any of your international relocation. Cunha International is specialized in acting as your international agent, and collaborating with freight forward agents in shipping all over the world.

Cunha International has a network of contacts with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Vigo and Alicante. At headquarters, our staff continues to work very hard to always get the best possible results for our clients.

Our main goal is to always take your shipment through the fastest and safest route, so that it can be delivered as quickly as possible, and applying the most competitive rates

Complete Your Move Door To Door Worldwide

Cunha International is highly selective in all the freight services we chose for every international move.  Representing you as an international agent for your move is an honor which we take every measure to assure the most efficient and simplified way to complete your move door-to-door worldwide

Combining Skill & Experience

Removals by land, sea, air, or combined, from Spain or from any other part of the world, including between other two countries, are carried out with an exclusive level of service 365 days of the year. Our team combines skill with experience, a dynamic group that testifies to their efficiency in each and every one of the shipments that we require.

Service 365 Days

The process is very similar to that for national removals: a prior technical inspection to go over all the details of the removal; the drawing up of an agreement with regard to the details of the shipment, wrapping and collection from the point of origin; transport by the means chosen to the destination country; unwrapping and installation in the new residence so that all the details set down in the contract are carried out and the new residence is ready for habitation.