All relocations involve a myriad of details and checklists, but an overseas move comes with even more requirements and adjustments. Fortunately, Cunha International is an international moving company whose global moving services are unparalleled in our industry.

Cunha International has a worldwide network that includes many different kinds of moving resources: International storage options, tracking system to let you know where your belongings are every step of the way, help with customs clearance and more, all with one point of contact.

The moving specialists at Cunha International are here to help with your international move, making a big process less daunting and stressful. We help people with international moving on a regular basis, so we have perfected the process from door to door.

Cunha International is specialized in acting as your international agent, and collaborating with freight forward agents in shipping all over the world

Our Services

Packing and Loading

Movers will come to your home and pack and load your belongings in accordance with your United International move plan.


Movers deliver your belongings and you start settling into your new home!



Your shipment will be transported by land, sea or air based on your specific move requirements.

Pre-Move Consultation

Review your move details, information about the items you need us to move and the services that you need with one of our moving consultants. Your consultant will coach you through your options and provide a customized international moving quote.


Book Your Move

After your moving quote is finalized, you will book your move and be assigned a move manager who will remain your point of contact throughout your move.

Move Management

Your move manager will coordinate all the logistics of your move, including confirming move dates, helping you to compile personal paperwork and documentation for customs clearance and arranging and tracking the transportation of your goods.

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