What is the Churn PrediXtive model(CPM)?

Using past performance to identify customer churn

Conducts customer profiling

Conducts customer profiling on accounts using data from multiple systems like salesforce, Gainsight, Pricing and various installed base data systems for product usage information/service requests. Tags each account with a probability of renewal/churn across varying time frames


Utilizes various account parameters like product usage, telemetry information, customer satisfaction metrics, service tickets and impact metrics like adoption.

What does it contain

Creates a Churn predixtion model which is unique to each customer’s history and predicts whether a customer is likely to churn or not with ~90% accuracy

Identify type of SaaS churn to act upon

Why use CPM?

Future Outlook

Predicts the possible renewals for the upcoming quarters and also proactively identify customers who are likely to churn

Pro-active counter measures

Focus on key customers at risk. Identify key pain points like poor usage, poor service history(high ticket resolution times)..

Re-look at pricing

improve the quality of renewal pricing by offering the right price points and the optimum product service bundle mix to ensure conversion