Data connect

Seamlessly integrate with any data source you require using Data Connect—an intuitive solution designed to break down data silos and enable effortless data access. With a wide range of connectors to popular data sources, Data Connect empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data ecosystem.
Connect to any data source effortlessly

Seamlessly Integrate with 100+ Connectors and Unlock the Power of Your Data Ecosystem

Key Features

Wide Range of Connectors

Choose from 18+ connectors to popular data sources such as Snowflake, Databricks, GCP Cloud, Tableau, and more.

Easy Setup and Configuration

Simplify the integration process with user-friendly setup and configuration options.

Real-Time Data Synchronization

Ensure data consistency and accuracy with real-time data synchronization capabilities.


Break Free from Data Silos

Eliminate data silos and access data from diverse sources seamlessly.

Accelerate Data-Driven Initiatives

Empower your organization to accelerate data-driven initiatives by connecting to the data sources you need.

Enhanced Data Accessibility

Improve data accessibility and availability across your organization, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

Use Cases

Data Integration

Integrate data from multiple sources to gain a comprehensive view of your business operations.

Analytics and Reporting

Enable advanced analytics and reporting by connecting to relevant data sources.

Business Intelligence

Drive business intelligence initiatives by accessing data from various systems and applications.


Seamlessly integrate Data Connect with existing systems and applications or utilize it as a standalone solution for data integration needs.