What is the Sales PrediXtive model(SPM)?

Using past performance to predict future OIT

Conducts customer profiling

Conducts opportunity profiling on opportunities in salesforce.com. The model analyzes each customer’s historical data and scores each opportunity with a probability of being won or lost. This generates a propensity to win score(PTW) for each opportunity


Utilizes various deal parameters like Vendor of Choice, Funding Status, Age of the Deal, Expected Opportunity Amount and many more


Creates a Sales predixtion model which is unique to each customer’s history and market level parameters to predict the outcome of open opportunities, with currently about 90% accuracy

Why use SPM?

Future Outlook

Predicts the possible Order Intake that the market can expect for the quarter, with a high level of accuracy

Opportunity Targeting

Focus on key opportunities which should be won, or those at risk

Re-look at pricingRe-look at Committed Forecast Category

Improve the quality of the Commit Stage by providing “dialogue starters” for the District Managers to challenge or confirm current thinking